Enter The Gateway into the International Arts & Entertainment Industry!

International Success is Possible!

As a Singer, Dancer, Model or Actor we all have a Dream.

We KNOW that inside every single person is the power to be successful! Within YOU is a talent that is meant to be shared with the world, or you just wouldn’t have that talent and ability!

We BELIEVE every person has enough innate built-in success and all that is required from each talented individual we meet, is for that person to get up and take strong, bold action towards their Goals and Dreams.

Once a year, models, actors, singers and dancers from all over South Africa meet in Johannesburg to perform in front of industry professionals and work with industry-relevant coaches at our ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase, in preparation to travel to the magnificent suburb of Los Angeles we all know as HOLLYWOOD!

Immerse YOURSELF in the INDUSTRY from the get-go!

Auditioning and participating in the ANUA Showcase provides an educational experience that provides instant acknowledgement by industry professionals both locally and internationally.

It’s far more than just living a DREAM – participation takes you to that all-important next level towards achieving success in the fast-moving world of Arts & Entertainment!

In order to be successful everyone needs to connect with people and organisations who have the tools and resources needed to make these dreams come true.

The only questions you need to ask yourself is:

* Are You ready to turn your Dream into a Reality?

* Are You ready to participate in the opportunity of a life-time?

You are WORTHY and capable of great achievement!

Instead of asking yourself “Why me?” say “WHY NOT ME?”

Participation in the ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase is a major stepping stone in achieving your DREAM.

International Success is Possible! We are a proven Model and Talent search platform that transforms lives and turns Dreams into a Reality!

Be Worthy of your own Success!

Push yourself beyond your fears, set your goals higher than you think you will ever reach and dissolve your comfort zones!  

Every person who performs on our stage has been personally invited during a stringent audition process. Personal and exclusive invitations are offered to those who successfully pass our auditions event.

Now is your chance to deepen your experience, get loads of industry education and prepare for excellence as you dive into the ANUA Showcase experience!

The ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase is an opportunity for every performer or model to compete on an international level and learn about the industry! YOU will be performing along with the very best talent and models that South Africa has to offer each year.

We invite YOU to Come Show us YOUR Talent and get invited to SHOWCASE YOUR TALENT at the ANUA RISING STARS TALENT SHOWCASE

Come join our inspiring family of talent, build your career and let us take you into Hollywood and beyond into an international career in the Arts & Entertainment industry.

Others have done it before YOU, and we KNOW that you can too!

YOU deserve the RED Carpet!

Prepare to turn that DREAM into a firm Reality!

Enrol in our exciting annual showcase and take control of your  future success!

Participants at the ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase are offered the opportunity for a team of superb dynamic and passionate artists and models to travel to the prestigious iPOP! Convention in Los Angeles each year, as well as spend some time within the inner working of the international arts and entertainment communities receiving education and exciting experience and spend time with industry leading professional experts in the modelling and performing arts worlds. 


Each year, the ANUA SHOWCASE Directors travel regionally to seek and build up new talent, invite prospective Artists & Models and interested parties to enroll and join in one of our fun, interactive and family friendly audition events in their province or region.


You are one decision away from a different life. The Question is, which decision are you going to take?

Our THREE Day long Model & Talent Extravaganza is a talent-filled opportunity for performers to compete along with the very best and take home not only trophies, medals and awards but also work on their skills and industry education before flying off to Hollywood the next year!


Open to Any Singer, Dancer, Actor or Fashion / Commercial Model 


At the ANUA Rising Stars Showcase of Performing Arts, every Performer, Artist and Model will get the opportunity to …

Network with Each Other, Make New Friends and get Support on your Journey into the Arts
Gain Knowledge & Skills, Attend In-House Educational Workshops, have fun and also emerge yourself fully into the experience
Build Confidence on Stage, Gain Experience & connect with Like-Minded people whilst working with Industry Experts

The ANUA Showcase provides Multiple Benefits

Our Showcase is the perfect competition for any artist or model who wishes to enter the industry and understands that continuous personal and professional development is of the utmost importance. 


Participation changes each persons life-experience and understanding of the industry on the deepest levels. The skills, knowledge and experience that our talent and performers walk away with is unique and prepares each individual for international performance.


Are you ready to catapult your model and performing arts experience into overdrive?

Sign up for one of our AUDITION events today!

Enter The Gateway into the International Arts & Entertainment Industry!

ANUA Rising Stars Alumini of 2017/8

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