About Us – Our Many Years of Experience

Our values are Family-oriented.


Our Talent Showcase is a safe place to pursue your dreams and a career in the entertainment industry.

We completely support family values, and provide opportunity for full family participation in our experience.

We provide an honest and transparent environment in all our Audition and Talent Search Performance Events. Our ANUA Convention, Showcase & Competition is a family rated event with strict guidelines in place for all performers and participants.

 We truly work towards ensuring that you find a high level of quality performance and professional behavior at our events.

Our parents love the shared experiences – with some even returning the following year to participate themselves!


Our mission is to promote excellence and integrity without exception, from the initial Audition Performance where we first meet our new Rising Stars right up to the full international performance travel opportunities that are available to aspiring performers, models and newly sourced talent. 



We are committed! We act with absolute integrity, professionalism, honesty and transparency at all times. We value lifelong relationships above all else, and understand that success is ultimately built on mutually respected partnerships.  


We are involved! We are visionary in our approach, innovative, dynamic and unconventional. We know that innovative and action requires boldness, determination, passion and daring as well as the courage to walk through life with dignity and enthusiasm.


We always behave in the best interests of everyone involved and believe in individual growth and opportunity whilst connecting through our communities which need to be served and built up and so we strive to deliver excellence in everything that we do for the benefit of the bigger picture.