Press Release | 08 October 2018

Benoni student to be the next Ariana Grande?

ANUA School of Music & Performing Arts student Ashleigh Woest has just signed a demo recording deal with a major LA producer

Benoni has produced several international celebrities, not least would be Hollywood icon Charlize Theron and Her Serene Highness, Charlene Wittstock of Monaco, amongst many others. We take pride in announcing that another Benonian is about to join the ranks.  Ashleigh Woest, a 16 year old Benoni resident and learner at ANUA School of Music & Performing Arts in Northmead, has just signed a demo deal with a major music Producer in Los Angeles, USA.


The music producer works with iconic stars such as Beyoncè, JZ and Selena Gomes. He discovered the well-known pop-star Ariana Grande at the world’s largest model and talent convention called The International Presentation of Performers (or iPOP!) currently held in Las Vegas on a bi-annual basis. He only works with 4 new artists per year and Ashleigh is thrilled to be able to have this exciting and prestigious opportunity to launch an international career into the Arts & Entertainment industry. Ashleigh travelled with her vocal coach Nico Goosen, who is also a Regional Director for IPOP in South Africa, to Las Vegas in June (2018) and was surprised to receive such a prestigious call-back. After discussions and long-distance communications Ashleigh has now set her sights firmly on developing her career internationally,


iPOP! Regional Director Nico Goosen says that he is very excited for Ashleigh and that it proves that South Africans have just as much opportunity to make it anywhere in the world, provided that they are prepared to do the work and be committed to their own growth. He says that what appeals to international agents is when they can meet an all-round performer, (such as Ashleigh who also takes Drama and Modelling classes at the School, as well as being a dancer), they are immediately interested  – as the performer can be brought into the industry in a variety of different ways.


Whilst her demo tracks are being written and produced in Los Angeles, Ashleigh is working on her vocal and acting skills, developing her dance talent as well as entering into several well-known pageants as has been invited to participate in local fashion shows and events.


Over the next six months, and once the new demo tracks have been produced and are ready, Ashleigh will be returning to Los Angeles to record the songs and will then begin her journey into the career of a life-time!  

For more information, press only:

Paul Kershaw

Regional Director: iPOP in South Africa

Tel:082 783 0109

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