Some of our Success Stories

Singer, Dancer, Actress, Musician – Lize-Marie is a strong, hard-working artist who has entered and won many competitions and has also appeared as a featured extra on various television shows.

She has performed leading roles in several local theater productions and also traveled to the USA to meet agents and international scouts.  Her passion for this industry is her driving force and nothing stops this powerful  Triple Threat  performer in her quest for career success.  Currently working on her first album, Lize-Marie is also a performing arts coach!  She is living her dream!

Singer, Actress & Performer – Amonzi’Q is a powerful Afrikaans Country Pop & Rock performer.

Her motto for Life is: ” No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed, shop up and never give up”!  Her range of music delivery draws both young and old audiences who love what she brings to the stage. She has been performing for many years. Amonzi’Q and is currently signed to the #eatPOPcorn Productions label. Her dance-along Afrikaans single “Boogie Woogie Dans”  is releasing early 2018!   For more information about Amonzi’Q please do visit


Singer, Actress, Performer, Musical Theatre Artist – An ANUA Star Search Talent Competition is where it all started for Senzesihle Radebe.

This multi-faceted performer is a Triple Threat artist – a singer, dancer and actor who combines all her skills with hard work, rehearsal and one who is always able to bring on what is required to any stage. Confidence is her middle name and i shows every step of the way!  

March 2018: Senzo is currently starring in the South African Musical Theatre Production “The Color Purple SA’ which is due to tour internationally in 2019.