Local and International Careers are 100% POSSIBLE! 

Turn Your Dream into a Reality in a Responsible Way!

The ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase is an internationally recognized event that creates interest and positive response from many major talent management agencies, fashion designers, studio heads, music publishers and more through our registered directorship with The International Presentation of Performers, (or iPOP!).

By enrolling in our audition platforms (which is the only method to received a personal invitation to enrol in our annual ANUA Showcase), you are clearly seen to be a talented, enthusiastic and career-driven individual who desires to enter the industry through hard work, ambition and the desire to work with the very best people available in today’s fast moving and energy driven world or Arts & Entertainment.

Whilst we welcome new-comers to our showcase platform we will only be able to accept artists or models who have some education and training.

In other words, you need to be able to clearly demonstrate that you are ready to enter the industry and are willing to do what some others will not – and that is to be focused on building your talent and skills by receiving ongoing training, either with us or at your current training facility.

We know that no-one is ever the same after participating in the ANUA Showcase so we are 100% committed to ensuring that any person on our stage is aware of the greater vision and goals of being able to travel to iPOP in Hollywood and beyond. We work into turning your Dream into a firm Reality!

In order to provide some insight into these requirements we are now adding specific “individual responsibility” comment to our web-site which are in-line with what our international agencies would look for in any new-comer to the industry.

Stay committed to building your Career in the Industry!


  • Understand that international agents would always prefer to work with raw talent that has education of some level. Be open to working on yourself in order to improve your level of skill and talent. Coaching works! it also adds to your CV and Bio information.
  • If you are ready to enter the industry – be able to maintain your level of growth that is required in order to be part of the industry. The ANUA Showcase is a COMPETITION and all talent and models need to approach it from a level of dynamic interaction.
  • Be willing and able to travel to the ANUA Showcase upon invitation and be part of the growing family of artists and talented individuals who dream of making it in the industry.
  • Be available for call-backs, auditions and be ready to build your network within the industry.
  • Be willing to work within the ANUA Showcase structures as a member of our ever-expanding family of talented individuals.


As registered Directors of IPOP! in Southern Africa our responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure that the ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase remains relevant to real world requirements on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintain open, transparent and honest appraisal of the skill level of the talent and/or models who audition for our Showcase.
  • Only invite talent who are able and ready to perform and compete. (We are not able to offer personal invitations to any person who is not yet ready).
  • Provide a continuously evolving platform for talent to be able to express themselves in the most dynamic and internationally linked ways possible.
  • Maintain integrity, transparency and build opportunities for all our talent by growing our international network through our GoTalent International Africa management mother agency platform (www.gotalent.co.za)
  • Maintain open, transparent communications through social media, email or telephonic platforms.
Ashleigh Woest ipop July 2018