The Next Step..

So, you’ve gone through the Regional competition rounds and are ready for the next big step as you enrol into the Anua Rising Stars Talent Showcase where you could win a fully sponsored trip to travel to Las Vegas to perform at iPOP! You know that your performance levels need to be ever improving but you don’t know where to look for help?

We offer loads of assistance and guidance – after all, we know what it takes to compete to win!

It is ALWAYS best to be full prepared – this page is filled with links and guidance so you can arrive at the ANUA SHOWCASE ready for our premier stage! Success in the exciting Arts & Entertainment Industry requires exciting and ever-transforming evaluations and re-inventions. #GoTalentSA!


Build Your Brand!


A performer or model needs to understand that to transition themselves from a beginner into a professional requires a lot of work.


#eatPOPcorn Productions works with many artists to manage all these aspects. They develop logos (still and animated), model and artist portfolios, studio and outdoor photography, video slates and intro’s, build and run social media platforms as well as work on an artist or models public image and marketing projects and developments. EatPOPcorn is also a registered Music Label, a publishing House and offers in-house digital sound (vocals & music) international level recording studio, cd printing.

It offers a trendy, upmarket environment with passionate and enthusiastic people ready to take you to the next performance level called PROFESSIONAL.

A World of Excellence


ANUA SCHOOL OF MUSIC, ACADEMICS & PERFORMING ARTS is the educational arm that takes our South African talent onto practical and internationally recognized educational development in the performing arts.


The School is an internationally recognized faculty that develops singers, actors and models for the international market. Specialist Dance coaches are also on-board and will be referred to on request. The school is based in Benoni on the East Rand metro of Johannesburg.


It offers internationally recognized certification in vocals, music, drama and acting from initial grade to full international diploma grades of study. Our School of Modelling develops models for international level runway, photo-print, editorial and more. Visit the website for full info.


Actors Resource

Finding the right monologue to perform at the right time requires research: to find the right balance for the audience that will be watching every move, requires the actor to prepare properly.

Youtube often offers great education and experiential resources and material. Download videos and learn them!

The following links will provide professional monologues across the required genres:

There are also some singing audition links on it too: is a new site with classes on everything from tennis (taught by serena williams) to, you guessed it, acting (taught by dustin hoffman). we love it. why not? we just love about what she has to say about almost everything–webinars on everything from self-taping to social media for actors.

Dancers Resource

Strong, well-trained dedicated Dancers are a must at ANUA! Work with professionals who know the industry and what they are doing and where they need to build every dancer.

We have a range of professional dance coaches that we work with, but geographically it may not be possible for each dancer to attend classes with them. Contact our offices and let us help you by pointing you in the right direction.

HERE ARE SOME INTERNATIONAL ONLINE RESOURCES: has many links to amazing classes, and information across all genres of dance. – visit their site and download the files and classes you find. Test your knowledge of dance composition by putting together beginning, middle and end sequences of dance movement to create your own composition.

Voice of the Shuttle – Dance. Its mission has been to provide a structured and briefly annotated guide to online resources in the humanities.

GUIDES.LIBRARY.UQ.EDU.AU Interactive Dance Series: A blend of dance resources with online components. Human Kinetics’ Interactive Dance Series includes Beginning Tap Dance, Beginning Ballet, Beginning Modern Dance, and now Beginning Jazz Dance and Beginning Musical Theatre Dance.

Singers Resource

You need to recognize that even singing idols have the ability to sound bad. When we listen to a song on the radio it’s produced and mastered in studio to perfection. Singing in your living room doesn’t offer that luxury. So it’s a little unfair to compare yourself to those perfect sounds right now – just work towards educating yourself!

If you are not living near the East Rand to attend classes at our professional education facility there and whilst we are developing our online classes for vocalists there are lots you can do!

Get yourself into a professional teacher’s class and build up your technique and skill. You can even have your teacher call us so we can discuss what is required and what the end goal is. . We work together to get you ready for that huge Las Vegas moment.

Your career is important and choosing the correct vocal coach is imperative. You also have Youtube, right? Check out these online sites as well and get your vocal ability to a high level of performance ability by rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing!

Do make sure that your chosen singing coach is properly accredited and a registered professional or you may pick up some problems that will take you a long time to work through if you are not careful.

If you are in the East Rand area, then Nico Goosen, the Vocal Coach could be available to take you for extensive training and vocal education at our professional facility in Benoni or contact the ANUA crew and let us recommend someone you can trust and who we can refer you to.

Recommended online resources:

Modeling Resource

In order to be successful and become recognised as a professional model, any potential new model will have to work very hard to lift themselves to the required standard. Work, Work, Work is the ethic needed, so visit these resource sites or education facilities information sites.

We also are widely connected in the industry, so call on us so we can refer you to the proper school that we recommend. This is a tough industry and in order to achieve the requirements, a professional coach will know what it is one needs to do! .

ANUA SCHOOL OF MODELING & SELF-EMPOWERMENT: ANUA School of Modelling: The Rules for Life:! Pose, Walk, Move, Smile, Laugh. Arrive! We show you how to promote yourself in the modelling and entertainment world and place you in front of international agents and directors so you can work on kick-starting your modeling career in the industry! We will show you what to do, and how to do it.

It’s an exciting world out there, and you could be part of it. Whether you are, petite, plus size, athletic, leggy or mature, if you want to become a model then we can teach you how: Model training takes place in our private studios in Benoni on a weekly basis – come join us and change your perspective and outlook on what it takes to be a model in the real world.

SUGGESTED ONLINE INTERNATIONAL MATERIALS: Aside from appealing to beginner models, this site especially caters to the novice, semi-pro, and professional model as well. Once you have ventured into modeling, you may feel confident and eager to take things to the next level, but need a little guidance: Basic modeling classes online for youngsters who have always dreamed of getting into the fashion or glamour industry. Includes free tips and online resources. Fashion Donuts has their very own group Modeling Resource. The purpose of the group is for models to ask and offer advice to other models new and/or seasoned in the industry. It’s a good place to ask those questions you can’t find online. We have all learned a few tips and tricks along the way.